Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology
Head and Neck Surgery

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to inform you that the much awaited Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (IAOHNS) has completed its first annual convention and is looking forward 2nd convention at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh.

I would humbly request you to extend your whole hearted support to make our academy in to an Organization which projects the best of our specialty to the world.

It is our intent to reach out to other academic organizations both within & outside country and to develop affiliations across the world.

The First Inaugural Convention of the Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery was held at Chennai between 12th and 14th December 2014. I thank all the participants and the faculty who made the convention a grand success.

The Second Convention of the Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery is slated to be held in Chandigarh between 29th and 31st October 2015. The Organizing Committee is taking every effort to ensure that this 2nd convention of the academy will be an outstanding academic feast. We request you to become a member of the academy and also to encourage & promote your colleagues to become members.

Thanking you in anticipation, Jai Hind.

With regards,

Mohan Kameswaran

President's Message

Dear Friends,

The IAOHNS has been gaining strength, prestige and professional standing with every passing year. The vision of the Founder-President Prof Mohan Kameswaran has been ably nurtured by the succeeding Presidents Prof Naresh Panda and Dr. Anirban Biswas. The last National Conference was organised at AFMC, Pune in Nov 2017. It was universally acknowledged that the scientific programme and academic deliberations were truly worthy of this academically oriented professional body. ENTERACT-2017 was, without doubt, a platform for remarkable interaction on all things ENT! A noteworthy feature was the tremendous participation of young specialists and post-graduate students. This surely augers well for the future growth of the Academy.

It is a singular honour to have been chosen to be President of this Academy. The task does appear daunting but with the support and cooperation of so many stalwarts, I am confident that there is much that we together can achieve in this year.

While so many of us are diligent in our pursuit of excellence in our chosen domains within the specialty, we must as members of the Academy strive to further the onward march of our specialty by mentoring our youngsters – the PG students, the young specialists – so that their fullest potential is realised. It is our duty to instill in them Scientific Temper and Clinical Discipline which are the cornerstones of good clinical practice.

Scientific Temper denotes a steadfast adherence in our practice to the limits of scientifically valid, evidence-based management protocols and guidelines as recognised and validated according to internationally accepted norms. This does not mean blind adherence to published guidelines as all doctors need to adapt their management decisions to locally specific conditions and contexts. However, it does mean that highly individualized and often irrational practices have no justification in today’s scenario of ready knowledge availability and constant scrutiny of our actions by a society that brooks no individual flights of fancy. Intrinsic to this scientific temper is the pursuit of meaningful clinical research and purposeful scientific publications.

Clinical Discipline is difficult to define but is easily understood. It denotes a rigorous approach to patient care that seeks to deliver the best possible medical care to each patient at all times in the most efficient and effective manner so that outcomes are optimized within available, albeit limited, resources.

Doctors of all specialties, while being great at the individual level, are often guilty of being lax in the discharge of their leadership role in the larger medical team. Needless to say, the exercise of this leadership is critical to optimizing our treatment outcomes whatever the setting in which we work. It is always the mandate of the specialist to create and anchor the ‘Clinical Coalition’ –all medical professionals in his team including other doctors, nurses, and para-medicals. It is only when all of them work in tandem under his leadership that comprehensive and wholesome medical care will be delivered to the patient who has entrusted his well being to the specialist.

An area of considerable concern these days is the proliferation of CMEs, conferences, workshops, Many of them seem to be redundant and oriented more to self-promotion than to specialty-promotion. The Academy will strive to lend its endorsement to those scientific programmes which are structured to achieve professional advancement in the participants. All Academy members should take it upon themselves to identify such programmes and propose Academy endorsement of such events. This will serve to extend the reach of the Academy while at the same time enhance the academic validity of the deserving programmes.

These are truly exciting times in our specialty. The seemingly endless expansion of the frontiers of endoscopic surgery in multiple fields, the arrival of cheaper options in robotic surgery, the surge of technology in the development of otologic implants, the relentless advancement of the role of genetics in head-neck cancer management – all these offer unlimited scope for the sustained onward march of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. The IAOHNS will without a doubt be at the vanguard of this march.

Jai Hind
Brig Ajith Nilakantan
President, IAOHNS

Past President's Message

Dear members of IAOHNS,

This is my first communication to you as the President of the most outstanding and of course the most prestigious society of ENT clinicians and academicians - Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (IAOHNS). We are a completely apolitical congregation of academically oriented Otorhinolaryngologists with a mission. All of us at IAOHNS are singularly and collectively striving to take our discipline of Otorhinolaryngology forwards, to make it more meaningful to society, to achieve clinical and academic excellence in our respective fields of specialisation and to provide training to our junior colleagues who are the future of our fraternity. This is our mission and the IAOHNS was formed with this objective in mind. I am glad to say that with all your support and involvement our IAOHNS is living up to it in letter and spirit.

While trying for all of this, it also behoves on us as a professional body to induce social changes related to our profession and to ensure that all our members acquire the expertise of managing their practices in the best possible way in accordance to the law of the land and adapt to the rapidly changing socio-economic scenario. Many, if not most of us are undoubtedly excellent clinicians treating patients and performing surgeries which is comparable to (if not better than) the best in the world, but we suck miserably at managing our practices, managing our finances and many of the other things which are necessary to climb up the social (and of course the economic !) ladder keeping our heads high.

Practice management is a specialised discipline in itself and most clinics and even doctor’s private chambers in Western countries have dedicated practice managers who run the clinic, handle patient-care which includes correct patient communication, handle human resource management in the clinic, create social awareness about the clinic, keep records, oversee accounts, minimise chances of litigation and ensure that all statutory requirements are strictly followed. As clinical practitioners, we need to handle all this efficiently with minimum time and efforts. This is not merely for enhancing our social relevance or for improving our practice, but is essential for our survival. We need to acquire expertise on these issues ourselves since efficient practice managers who are trained and qualified in managing medical practice in a clinical setting is not available in our country; but that does not mean that we are in any way less vulnerable to the hazards and vagaries of medical practice than our Western counterparts. We need to learn clinical practice etiquette and how to conduct ourselves professionally, develop diplomatic communication skills (good enough to teach Donald Trump a lesson or two) and also be thorough with all the prevalent legal stipulations governing our medical practice. It is the duty of a professional body to equip its members with these skills. Just holding a yearly conference by collecting (if not beginning for) sponsorships is not what a professional society is meant for.

Our Academy is also negotiating with different bodies for starting a neurotology technicians’ course and very shortly we should be ready with one. The next newsletter of IAOHNS will elaborate much more on this. This would be a big help to society, not only by generating employment but also be a boon to busy practitioners who can avail of trained technicians to help them out in evaluating neurotological patients under their guidance. Many senior members of the academy have agreed to provide voluntary service for running the course. The academy as a part of its social commitment is negotiating with different bodies to accept and recognise vestibular disorders as a DISABILITY and ensure that like other disabilities, patients having balance disorders are allowed disability benefits. A document is attached along with for our members to use their good offices and try to influence their respective state Govts and other authorities for achieving this.

The 3rd Annual conference of the IAOHNS held in the last week of August in Kolkata was a grand success. The academic feast dished out with 18 internationally reputed foreign faculty from different parts of the world and the who’s who of Indian otorhinolaryngologists held in five-star ambience along with nine pre-conference workshops is still very fondly remembered by all who attended the academic rendezvous. Dr. Dipankar Datta and the organising team deserve a very special accolade for organising the conference so excellently. Not only that, the conference also generated a pretty big sum of money (by medical standards) that will be passed on to the head office for organising academic events in future. The 4th annual conf will be in Pune and will be organized by Brig. (Prof) Ajith Nilakantan at AFMC.

The mentor ship program in which young members of IAOHNS get the opportunity of being trained under senior members of the academy for six months to one year and are also paid a decent stipend by the senior members is running very successfully. There are several designated clinics accredited by IAOHNS for imparting training in different sub-specialties of ENT.

With regards to all seniors and love to junior members of IAOHNS - the future stalwarts of ENT
Dr. Anirban Biswas
President, IAOHNS